Welcome to my new Blog!

It’s 2011!  As the new year came about I had planned to start blogging to bring information about myself and anesthesia to everybody.  I encourage everybody to ask me questions and I’ll answer them on this blog.  I’m sure your questions are also other people’s questions.  I will start this blog off by introducing myself.

I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan.  What’s that like?  It’s an Asian tight city like Tokyo, Hong Kong, where you have convenience stores every corner of the block.  I went to a high school called Taipei American School, where I prepared for college in the States.  Got accepted to the University of Southern California and finished with a B.S. in Biology.  I had research in mind when I graduated, did about a year of research in Doheny Eye Institute at USC.  Apparently, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would and applied for Dental School.  Finished my D.D.S. at USC, and continued to further my training at UCLA for hospital dentistry.  During that time, I was exposed to many aspects of medicine and anesthesia, and particularly enjoyed my time in the operating room with Dr. Yagiela and Dr. Quinn who were our Anesthesiologist.  After my training at UCLA, I came out to practice in Los Angeles, and served part time faculty at UCLA’s hospital dentistry department.  I continued as an attending at UCLA in the operating room and had lots of interactions with our fine anesthesiologists, which converted me to train at UCLA’s dental anesthesia program.  My first year was at Harbor-UCLA anesthesia department where I provided anesthesia for all patients with Dr. McDonald, and several other attendings.  Finished my dental anesthesia training with Dr. Yagiela and Dr. Quinn.  UCLA’s dental anesthesia program was excellent and had definitely prepared me for the office based anesthesia which I currently practice.

I am now happily married to my wife Wendy, and loving my two children, Kylie (4) and Ethan (2).  You can see the kids in my website!  Can you spot them?  They were both 1 when the pictures were taken.

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