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ABC Diane Sawyer: Death, Greed at the Dentist: American Children at Risk.

Recently Diane Sawyer has released this news report, it is a decent report but also very misleading.  Here is the link the to news report:  Not to make enemies of the media, but sometimes they can be very ridiculous, … Continue reading

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Why can’t I be in the procedure room with my child under anesthesia?

This a very common question I get when I talk to the parents of the patient.  It is a common standard that is applied everywhere in the US.  I think most parents will have a hard time finding a surgery … Continue reading

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Welcome to my new Blog!

It’s 2011!  As the new year came about I had planned to start blogging to bring information about myself and anesthesia to everybody.  I encourage everybody to ask me questions and I’ll answer them on this blog.  I’m sure your … Continue reading

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Dr. Huang

Dr. Brian Huang will help your patients feel as comfortable as possible in your office. He will bring all necessary equipment for the anesthesia. Monitoring equipment includes, but is not limited to: ECG, pulse oximetry, precordial stethoscope, noninvasive blood pressure … Continue reading

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