ServicesFor some patients, the use of a local anesthetic may not be enough to block sensations during dentistry. Whether you need periodontal surgery, implant surgery, extractions, a root canal or even simple fillings, Brian Huang, DDS, can make the procedure more comfortable for you. Dr. Huang is an experienced dentist anesthesiologist skilled in administering all forms of sedation during oral procedures. Because he began his career as a dentist, Dr. Huang understands the particular needs and concerns of dental patients. His additional training as a dentist anesthesiologist makes him uniquely qualified to deliver all forms of sedation safely and effectively in the dental office setting.


If you want to minimize the sensations you feel during any kind of procedure or the anxiety level of your child, dental anesthesia can help. By having a more relaxed patient, your dentist may also be able to complete more of your dentistry in one appointment. There are various options available that differ in the level of sedation you or your child experience. These include:


Moderate or conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is used to help patients relax during a dental procedure. Anti-anxiety agents and sedatives can be administered by mouth, inhalation or injection - the patient remains conscious and can respond to speech and touch. There are fewer postoperative side effects from this form of sedation.


General anesthesia (deep sedation)

Intravenous general anesthesia is used for those patients who may have trouble controlling their movements, are too young to sit still or have extreme anxiety. A key advantage of IV sedation is that, if someone is not sedated enough, Dr. Huang can administer more medication and the effects are instantaneous. IV sedation is not used commonly in most dental offices because of the specialized advanced training required to administer and monitor it.


Throughout your procedure, Dr. Huang will monitor your blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate and more to help ensure a safe sedation experience.


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Dr. Brian Huang is a dentist anesthesiologist serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and parts of San Bernardino County.