Download Pre-Operative instructions

Please read and follow these instructions carefully. Any of these instructions not followed can endanger your child severely and will probably result in cancellation of treatment.

Fasting: 8 hours before your appointment time - NO solid food or milk. A general rule is no more food after the child goes to sleep for the night.

Between 8 to 2 hours before your appointment time - Clear fluids are allowed. Clear fluids include: water, apple juice, Gatorade®, cranberry juice and even clear Jello® with no fruits or bits. Milk, chicken broth and soup with oil/fat are NOT clear fluids.

2 hours prior to your appointment - Nothing allowed at all. No food or liquids, including hard candy and gum.

Please have your child supervised at all times by a responsible adult to ensure the child strictly follows these rules. If the child violates this rule, and we do not know about it, the anesthesia can be very dangerous to perform.

Medications: Please let the dentist and the dentist anesthesiologist know of all medications your child is currently taking. Your child should continue to take all his/her normal medications, unless otherwise instructed by the anesthesiologist. If any medication needs to be taken within the 2 hours before the appointment, use only the smallest sip of water possible (only enough to swallow). You cannot use anything other than water, e.g. applesauce, in the morning to take the medications.

Clothing: The child should wear loose clothing. The anesthesiologist needs access to arms and legs so he can attach monitors and give medications. You should bring an extra change of clothes or use diapers or training pants. Also bring the child's blanket because it can feel a little cold as he/she wakes up.

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