An attempt to bring back sanity to an insane incident…

I got a call by Dr. Schrodi in Granada Hills to see if I was willing to do a pro bono case. Dr. Schrodi told me a sad story of road rage that ended in tragedy for a family. Here is the story in LA Times :
To summarize, there was some aggressive lane changing and some words exchanged. The passenger of a blue Honda Accord pulled a gun and shot a 28 year old father in front of his family with both his 4 and 5 year old sons in the back seat. He had enough will power to pull the car to safety before he passed out and later died in at the hospital.

His two sons were Dr. Schrodi’s patient, and the wife was of course devastated by the incident had a hard time taking care of everything.  The whole family was traumatized and required a tremendous amount of counseling. Luckily, they had very good support from their extended family. The children’s aunt brought them in and the little one required a lot of dentistry, and was very afraid of strangers due to this incident. According to their aunt, they would be so terrified of getting on the freeway, and would beg to get off every time. Dr. Schrodi recommended general anesthesia due to his condition, but the family couldn’t afford it.  So to bring back some sanity, I agreed to do this case pro bono to help the family out.

Little Johnny did great and had all his teeth fixed. I know it isn’t much, but I hope it shows the family there are still sane people out there and not everybody are evil and ruthless. Just trying to bring back some sanity in this insane world out there.  I thank Dr. Schrodi for this opportunity to give back to the community.

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